Sunday, November 29, 2015

a new phase of life


to my beloved family especially ummi and ayah, special thanks to both of you for the endless support, love, care, prayers, motivations and everything you have given to raise this daughter of yours. i know that you will always be by my side. you are one of the greatest gift from Him and i could never repay you enough.

to all my lecturers, you are the parents of us as we live far from our families to pursue our study. thank you and may He blessed you with all good things in this life and hereafter for your patience in educating the young generations of yours. it is your prayer that we always need and continuous support to survive in the future.

to my dearest brothers and sisters of team audi gen8, it is indeed a great pleasure to be given the chance to be part of this family. may the bond last forever.

it is just a beginning. the journey is still long for us to learn and get mature. let's serve the community the best we can with a sincere heart. insyaAllah.

#iium31stconvocation #kulliyyahofalliedhealthsciences #bachelorofaudiology #turqoiseandpink #iium6yearsandcounting

officially graduated,
Nur 'Ain Fathanah bt. Mohd. Puzi
Bachelor of Audiology (Hons.)
Class of 2015 IIUM Kuantan


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