Monday, February 13, 2017

love of my life

salam all, how are u?

first of all, this post is not related to valentine's day. just coincidentally i update this blog on this day, moreover this is so much overdue. haha.

after 6 months, i just want to dedicate this post to the one owns my heart. a special post to the one who is brave enough to hold my hand when i myself would understand if he lets go.

there is so many difficulties and obstacles we faced together, right? from the beginning. so many tears shed during these months. sometimes i really feel to stop all of this, but my heart wont let u go. i am really stubborn, am i? haha u should be grateful im this stubborn, if not we will end this relationship so easily.

janu, please know that i love you from the deep of my heart. my future that i have been envisioning since before, now it also has u in it. u complete me, give me strength, the one i cannot do by myself. i do admit, i have so many bad qualities; negative thinking, overthinking, too sensitive, excessive jealousy, etc. and the main thing is, i have an incurable health problem. yet u ignore all of that. everyday i feel thankful to have you in my life. and i still fall for u everyday. i really cannot wait to start a new life with you. must be very exciting ^^

"janu, me aap se bhtt pyaar karte hun"

till finger meet keyboard again,
salam 'alayk (:

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